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Blue Perfume Bottle, 5.75 in.


Product Number: BAD_30125_CR


Isn’t She Lovely-Isn’t She Wonderful! This Mouth Blown Handcrafted 5.75 Inch High Cobalt Blue Asian Pageant Winner Is All That!  Her Clean Line Design Sets Her Modern Theme As Soft Slice Cuts Whisper Softly On Two Of Her Sides. Her Flat Rectangular Top Hides Her Full Crystal Dabber Inside. Aunt Rose’s Shalimar Is Awesome Inside. Can You Smell It…Ah Delightful.  She’s Mouth Blown Twice To Achieve Her Beautiful Color.  
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What is "Lead" Crystal?

For crystal to be considered full lead crystal, it must contain at least 24% lead oxide in the composition.  The lead lends brilliance and weight to the product. Crystal without lead is still crystal, i.e. clear glass, however, it is more commonly perceived as "glass". The lead also makes the crystal softer and more conducive to cutting. This is why the lead crystal is cut and for the most part, the unleaded crystal is not cut. 

Handcut means the glass item is held against a spinning stone to "cut" the design. It is truly artistic workmanship at its best. The 24% hand-cut lead crystal is produced in the finest factories in Europe by the same artisans that manufacture for Mikasa, Waterford, Lenox, and Sasaki. Every piece is individually and safely gift boxed.

Crystal without lead is not any less valuable than full lead crystal particularly when it is thick and heavy and finely designed.  The factories that make these pieces are renowned for their standards of quality which can be determined by the weight and clarity of the crystal.

Please note: Seeds or bubbles which are small are not flaws. Bubbles are formed by gases when chemicals are untied by the melting of raw materials. Seeds do not affect the quality of the glassware or its beauty.

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